Friday, February 24, 2006

New York Poofery

Thank goodness for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, ever since Mad Magazine went out of business a good replacement has been missing.  Now we have the New York Senators.  The Senators are a comedy duo that is unsurpassed for their slapstick and posturing.  They are delightful in their inanity and can always be counted on to provide a great show!  While not particularly photogenic, they more than make up for this limitation by providing intellectual distractions that draw attention away from their physical ailments.

Their latest routine, Stop The Arabs At Our Ports, is a hilarious act that trumps the need for sensitivity towards others, injects a lively dose of racism, while still maintaining an anti-military, anti-Bush cacophony that drowns out reason.

Oh!  If only they and their friends could be in charge of real life.  Think of the capitalist deals that wouldn’t be made, imagine everyone “working” for the government.  All pay all play all the time, which should be their platform.  What a wonderful world it would be, why Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro could make cameo or guest appearances, just think of the ratings.

Their act of stopping the sale of P&O to DP World is amazing; its high wire suspense is without match.  Imagine, two senators will direct shareholders of two companies from two different countries about how to behave!  This is wonderful how great the USA is now and will be under their tutelage.  Theirs is an act that you must take in at the soonest opportunity.  See them now while the show is still on the road, before they hit the big time.

Remember you heard it here first.

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