Sunday, February 19, 2006

Religion Part 4 Random thoughts on the subject

Who are these religious leaders? Does the Pope really believe the doctrine, or does he just have a really great job? The Church has been the repository of pedophiles since time immemorial, where do you suppose human sacrifice came from? Was this ritual a simple propitiation of the gods, or is it possible that serial killers were able to function legitimately? The abuse of religious power, though muted today, is still with us. The gullible, the frightened, the retarded, are all potential victims of these “holy men” why does this persist?

Looking back through time provides evidence of the darker side of mankind. From ancient times religions have been hotbeds of death and destruction. There are some peaceable religions, the Maoris for example, but not very many. The Jewish and Christian scriptures are a record of mayhem, infidelity, war, incest, etc. The Word of God? Well, which God?

The only religion that actually worships only one God is the Jewish religion. Christianity has at least three; they posit this multiple personality god, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit (or Ghost). Islam has two: Allah and Mohammed, that this is true simply review the “blasphemy” of the recent Danish cartoons. Blasphemy can only be committed against the deity. Of course the Pagan pantheon is well known, as is the ancient Egyptian and South American religious icons. So why do these jobs continue to attract people?

The answer is obvious, power is the prime motivator. It is amazing how many otherwise intelligent people allow someone else to dominate their lives. In the USA, in my town, we have “evangelical churches” with facilities that dominate the landscape, have congregations of 5,000 or more, and who discourage fraternization with others who are not members. The problem is not going away.

The Roman Church, the one I was raised in, has a long history of violent repression of contrary ideas, of sexual profligacy, of out right robbery and murder. Who needs television; truth is indeed stranger and more horrific than fiction.

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