Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Iraq the Bush Legacy

Iraq is a failure, a failure of planning and now of will. Many opportunities were lost as we all know, but the greatest failure was not taking the chance to capture and imprison al-Sadar. The Prime Minister of Iraq, al-Maliki is a complete loss for the United States. At this point there is little to wait for. Once the United States pulls out of Iraq tremendous violence against Sunnis will begin. This violence will be heavily supported by Iran and Syria.

The situation could fairly easily devolve into a Pan Arab or Pan Muslim war that will engulf the entire Middle East with consequences unknown. The war against terrorism is something that must be fought and will be whether liberals like it or not. The case for the war in Iraq was never clear or simple, and is now a flop.

The actual war has been over for three years; it is the occupation that is a failure. This failure must be laid squarely at the feet of George Bush and the people he relied on to succeed in Iraq. These are not impeachable offenses but undoubtedly the Democratistas will attempt such a legal coup d’etat. The success of such an action while not impossible is certainly dubious. Its benefits to the nation are non-existent.

Today the US military obeyed an order from al-Maliki and abandoned the checkpoints around Baghdad. This action clearly gives al-Sadar the upper hand and bodes ill for a secular democracy in Iraq. The Iranian model is the most likely outcome. Unfortunately the US withdrawal, if precipitous, will only encourage further attacks on the US homeland. These attacks will be facilitated by the Democrat Party, the ACLU, and Democrat hack judges. The general population will pay the price.

These will be the consequences of the invasion of Iraq, and that will be the legacy of George W. Bush.

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