Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Stumbles Again

John Kerry summed it up perfectly; anyone who votes Republican is stupid and needs the Democrat Party to run their lives. This kindness has been stated in less direct terms by Hillary Clinton and the rest but this stern reminder of Democrat intellectual superiority is remarkable.

Why anyone would trust them with the safety of the general population is beyond reckoning. The fact is that as a group the military population is generally better educated, better informed, more disciplined than almost any other similar class in the US. Of course Mr. Kerry is attempting to pass his comments off as a failed joke; the idea being that George Bush is too stupid to succeed as President let alone in such an adventure as Iraq.

It was revealed last election season that both Kerry and Bush had graduated from Yale and that Bush actually made better grades and had a stronger transcript than Kerry. Kerry’s behavior is confirming that. When the shoe is on the other foot liberals howl in pain about the unfairness of confronting their behavior. Never will they face their own problems in a responsible sense. The so called public interest media, e.g. Chris Matthews, hew strictly to the Democrat Party line and then wonder why the general public doesn’t tune in. Why put up with advertisements simply to watch propaganda.

The reason Fox News Channel is so despised by liberals is that Fox attempts to present and unbiased point of view; not always successfully. The other media members don’t even give fairness lip service. It will be interesting if John Kerry has single handedly energized the Republican base but don’t count on it.

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