Saturday, October 28, 2006

President Pelosi

There will be at least one impeachment proceeding if the Democrat Party takes control of Congress. There is a master plan behind their thinking that is quite simple and frightening. The goal is to make Nancy Pelosi President of the United States of America. How can this be? Quite simply, once George Bush is de frocked then step two will begin: the impeachment of Dick Cheney. If that move is successful, which it could be given the Democrat Party goals, the next in line is the Speaker of the House.

Oh the brilliance of the plan is breathtaking. That is why Nancy is lying low at the moment, hoping that the electorate will not catch on. This idea might be considered a bit of stretch by some, in particular Hillary Clinton whose aims would also be defeated, but such a plan is not impossible. Most people would not dream this big let alone plan so scrupulously and be willing to exploit the craziness of the far left.

It is possible that a Bush impeachment would not succeed; it would be dependent simply on the margin of electoral victory. Suppose it did succeed would it be a surprise if the 2008 election was postponed? Would it be a terrible shock to have the postponement extended indefinitely say pending the end of the war on terror? What laws might be passed to ensure Democrat Party control along the lines of Castro and Chavez?

Crazy it might sound, impossible it is not. Democrats always project their behavior on those they criticize. Therefore by accusing Bush of stealing an election they are showing the world that not only have they previously thought about taking such an action, they are also ready to do so.

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CentFla said...

I have never read a more delusional, paranoid list of ramblings from an otherwise seemingly normal person before. If you still really believe any of this utter nonsense to be possible, why do you think the Democratic leadership has continued to deny any considerations for such moves? Why are the Democratic Leadership working on reducing the deficit and increasing Minimum wage rather than de-Throning your hero?

Mr Bush is easily demonstrated himself to be a dreadful president. I would love to have him out of the White House as would any normal thinking adult American. Anyone that counts him as anything but one of our worst presidents ever is delusional and partisan, there can simply be no other excuse as he has made ten enormous blunders for every one good decision he has made.