Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A State of Denial

Is Bob Woodward exhibiting the effects of old age or is he simply a Democrat Party hack? Last night on the NBC Nightly News Mr. Woodward was asked about why he didn’t publish his most recent book “A State of Denial”, sooner if its contents are so important. His reply was astonishing. He coolly stated that Simon & Schuster and the leadership of the Washington Post wanted him to wait until just before the November election this year. Are liberals finally shedding their skins?

The very title of the new book is contradictory to the so-called media coverage of the Iraq war with most of the stories discussing failure and gloom. How can Woodward and company say that the public is not aware of the difficulty there? Further he goes on to say that the failure is planned in the sense that Rumsfeld thinks the Iraqi’s should take over security themselves. Everyone agrees with that one. To think that one is so powerful an influence in society and over the electorate to think that a single book can change the course of an election is arrogance personified.

This behavior is no surprise in a larger sense, but it is amazing in the casual way it has been admitted. Yesterday President Bush accused Nancy Pelosi of being a cut and run politician not willing to defend the United States. She of course was outraged and responded by saying such comments were beneath the dignity of the President. Was that some kind of joke? There is no doubt that Ms. Pelosi and her comrades might defend the country if they really believed there was a threat, but they don’t believe there is one.

This war on terror has been brewing since the British and French diplomats divided up the Ottoman Empire in the 1920’s. It has had decades to develop and will take decades to defeat. If anyone is in “A State of Denial” it is the Democrat Party and their fellow travelers.


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