Monday, October 02, 2006


Once again the electorate is being treated to the sight of an imperfect public servant, Mark Foley this time. The hypocrisy is rife of course on must expect that. Further it appears that Mr. Foley might not be a good candidate for dogcatcher. For all you pedophiles reading this it means your perverse behavior is not to be tolerated. This lack of tolerance extends to those members of the Man-Boy Love Association, a hateful use of the language.

Of course Bill Clinton’s behavior demanded forgiveness, understanding, and the destruction of the women who accused him of various sexual outrages. They weren’t minors and were therefore fair game for the Democrat personal destruction committee; among whose members were James Carville and Lanny Davis. It’s an all too familiar scene.

Louisiana Representative William Jefferson, a Democrat of course, had Nancy Pelosi apologizing for his mysterious acquisition of $90,000 stored in his freezer. Ms. Pelosi opined that Jefferson had grown up poor and black and could be forgiven for not being able to resist temptation. Jefferson still has his congressional seat; Foley does not and should not. Another star in the Democrat firmament, Algie Hastings, is a former Federal judge unseated for taking bribes regarding the outcomes of various trials. He is in line for a House Committee chairmanship if the Democrats are successful in November.

Voters are best served by disregarding electioneering histrionics and judging for themselves who might meet the needs of the district in which they vote. Want to win in Iraq, frustrate terrorists, keep the economy going, and then the best option seems to be the Republican Party. Have an interest in raising taxes, being defeated and hounded by terrorists, converting to Islam, speaking Spanish; then probably the Democrats are the logical choice.

Whatever a voter chooses there is a least a choice. Many people in many countries don’t have a choice or even a chance to choose. The electorate must simply act in its own self interest and the outcome will fall one way or the other and the most likely outcome will be the best one.

It might be true that the United States of America is going the way of old Europe and fading from the world stage, certainly China wants to step forth to center. For the moment the only place where rags to riches and riches to rags is truly a democratic principle is here.

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