Monday, August 14, 2006

Angry White Men

There has been a trend emerging during the last few years, worthy of comment sooner perhaps, but now that it is firmly established comment on it is now demanded.  This trend is the whitening of the Democrat Party.  It almost seems as if the Democrat Party is reverting to the days when liberalism was actually neo-con.  Take a look at many of the photo-ops, the candidate support record, and the downright racist comments made by the leadership and an ugly picture begins to emerge.

Why are there no African-American or Latino leaders in the party?  Ned Lamont is just the latest in an elitist takeover of the party.  This is supposed to be the picture of the Republican Party.  The Noam Chomskys of the left are so busy kissing up to the Arabs that they have lost sight of their socialist values.  They are being marginalized to the extent that the party is losing its way.  What are the Democrats going to do after 2008 when George Bush is retired?  The ultra-left party hijackers are a single issue crowd: get rid of Bush. This attitude demonstrates how petty, juvenile, and that they lack the capacity to think clearly.  The Constitution of the United States will get George out of office.  What is the plan for the nation after the Democrats cut and run in Iraq?

The enemies of Western Civilization (which most likely includes Michael Moore & Co.) will see this retreat (change of direction) as weakness and push forward all the more.  At this point Harry Belafonte should be re-examining his opinion about the position of Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice as Bush “house slaves.”  From the pictures surrounding the leaders of the Democrat Party it appears that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharp ton, and others are the “house slaves” of Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and the rest.  The Democrats have reduced themselves to demagoguery and are absent of any ideas that have not already be co-opted by George Bush.  They are whistling past the graveyard, and scaring people in the bargain.

One cannot base one’s philosophy of life on bumper stickers but this seems to be the only basis of liberal thought these days.  For example a recent sighting showed that liberals think that if more money was spent on education than defense the world would be a better place.  The education portion of the Federal budget is already considerably greater than that of the defense department.  The results are clear for anyone to see.  The world is not appreciably better.  Another called for regime change in Washington, supposedly a clever twist on the war in Iraq.  In 1998 President Clinton called for and got a resolution from the Democrat controlled Senate demanding regime change in Iraq.  No anger was voiced by George Soros and friends at that time.

Angry White Men Who Own Limousines are the face of the new Democrat Party.  During the 2004 New York race for governor the Democrats refused to support an African-American candidate because he might lose.  The white candidate lost anyway; why not make a positive statement of where their values really lie; perhaps they did.

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