Sunday, August 13, 2006

Who's Best on Terror

Now that Joe Lieberman has been tossed out by the Democrats there is much speculation about the effect this will have on the party’s chances in November.  The guessing is that the Republicans will be perceived as being the party that will best protect the US.  This is probably mostly true but there are cracks in the façade.  The only Republican that is tough on terror is George Bush, a misunderstood man if there ever was one.

Does anyone think Mit Romney will be able to George’s shoes?  Who else is waiting in the Republican wings that can be trusted not to give in to political pressures?  Even George is feeling the heat at last.  The commentators have got it wrong, the Republicans are not tough on terror, they aren’t even tough on Democrats, only George Bush has been tough on terror.

As for the Democrats Lieberman’s defeat and their reaction to his decision to run as an independent tells us all we need to know about the party.  Without exception his “friends” and “colleagues” have bemoaned his decision.  Silly questions are being asked about his behavior; “Is this the way a loyal Democrat behaves?” or “What kind of Democrat is he?”  This after he was all but abandoned by the party, causing Lanny Davis to wake up and conclude that the Dems are not what they used to be.

The left can be assured that if they come back to life that they will every opportunity to placate our enemies.  Of course the rest of us had better keep an eye out for truck bombs and the rest for some time to come.

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