Sunday, July 16, 2006

Terror Again and Again

The United States and its Allies, if there are any, have miscalculated, and underestimated the power of Islam on the emotions of poorly educated and underemployed Muslims.  To a certain degree the charges of American arrogance in its foreign policy are true.  Across the political spectrum of American life there is a drift towards denial.  The conservative and evangelical people feel strongly that Christ will save them.  In reality the evangelicals don’t care they just want to get to Heaven; sound familiar?

The atheists, agnostics, Satanists, and lukewarm Christians, Buddhists, and the rest of the ultra left wing think religion is either despicable or a great club to belong to.  The religious teachings are certainly not to be taken seriously.  As a result these people can not conceive of anyone taking them seriously.  This is a big mistake.  Western culture has a strong tradition of dissent; Arab culture has no tradition of dissent.  That is why you see them jumping up and down in the streets chanting death to those who disagree with them or their leaders.  Of course were they to disagree with their leaders beheading might be in order.

My prediction is war and more of it; and probably in the most brutal sense.  For those who are strictly religious the promise of Heaven means more than one more dollar in the bank.  Of course the leaders of such people don’t really believe the ideas they preach they want power and could care less about Heaven.  The Pope wears Prada shoes, of course we don’t know about Mullah Kahmeni but we can guess.

The West will continue to bolster political correctness in the hope that if we cynically love our enemies they will reciprocate.  That idea is actually a death sentence.

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