Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Root of all Evil

I had a visitor to the blog who got here by searching the words “democracy the root of all evils. A check of site meter revealed that this person resides in India, the world’s largest “functioning” democracy.  So there are two interesting facts.  Is this person from the Brahmin caste and angry that others from lower castes are allowed to vote?  Democracy, when it is truly permitted to function is probably the best form of government for human beings.

No matter what feel-good liberals like to think and hold dear in the face of all evidence to the contrary human nature is not inherently good.  Democracy gives the weakest members of society a chance, only a chance, of affecting the outcome of events.  It is certainly not a perfect method, though it is the most adequate.  The liberal idea that all people are created equal ends in the delivery room or wherever birth is completed. Equality is an undesirable condition and will never exist.  Equal chances may exist but genetics has demonstrated that some are better equipped than others to deal with their existence.  Socialism doesn’t work, and certainly communism is an absolute failure.  To check my assertions examine the history of the Soviet Union, France, and China.

In every group a dominant personality will emerge as the leader people are similar to all other mammals in this respect.  The leader will surround himself ( generically speaking) with others who meet his needs for adoration, manipulative control of others, financial management of the dominated group or area, and in general those loyal enough to ensure his safety from other dominant or as we say today Alpha personalities.

Democracies have all these characteristics with the exception of the dominant leader’s role as he must please those he leads, thus making changes a bit more possible if not likely.  Human nature is geared towards survival of a particular being, if preserving the group is in that beings best interest then that interest will be served.  If the impulse is for other behavior it will be satisfied in some way that can be either beneficial or detrimental to the group.

So it is fruitless to examine democracy as the root of all evils, we must look to ourselves to satisfy that search.

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