Thursday, April 06, 2006

Invisible Mexican Day

I can’t wait for the invisible Mexican day.  Personally I think we need more immigrants and so should raise the quotas so illegal immigration will be less of an issue.  I take issue with those who use the tactics of intimidation to press their agenda.  Of course that is the “Liberal” way; if the majority doesn’t agree with you try pressure.  This is known as terrorism when guns, bombs, and mayhem are used.  It is the same thing on a lower level with regard to the immigration controversy.

The cynical use of illegal immigrants by Democrats is disgusting if not new.  The moral cowardice of Republicans is typical of hypocrites who simply want a job paid for by the citizens they “represent.”  In New York a law is being passed to allow anyone to vote the questions of residency, interest, citizenship, do not arise.  I guess it is simply a codification of a situation that already exists there.

I don’t think the Day Without a Mexican will amount to much, oh the media will exaggerate its impact, but especially where I live they will remain invisible.  The battle in the southern states will be between blacks and Hispanics; the blacks will lose.  This is unfortunate as they are the longest resident minority.  They have been duped by the Democrat Party into thinking that they will be taken care of by the government if it is controlled by the Democrats.  Now that the latino population is growing into a potentially large voting bloc the blacks can and will be ignored.

Another interesting aspect of this situation is the position taken by the unions.  Talk about ambivalence, unions need members, unions want higher pay and more benefits, they should be opposed to illegal immigrants but because they are in thrall to the Democrat Party they are caught and left hanging. When the illegals become legal and union members they attractiveness will disappear.  The wage hike spiral that will follow will result in further illegal immigration that will drive these new found gains down.  Then today’s protestors will be bashing the government in an attempt to keep the new illegals out.  Round and round we go where we stop no one knows.

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