Sunday, April 02, 2006

Immigration: A Problem?

Immigration is a big issue here, and it is a big issue in Mexico. Let’s face it Mexican immigration is the only one that bothers the people of the United States of America. The population of the United States of Mexico is coming to a place where they can be free, find work, raise families, and escape a corrupt, elitist, murderous, despicable society. Mexico, a beautiful, rugged, charming landscape is ruled by criminals. It is really amusing to hear the criticism of the USA, especially by its own citizens, who exhibit no appreciation for their situation which is unique in the world. The USA is the only place on earth where a person may come with nothing and have a good chance of advancing economically to heights undreamed of in their native land. This goes for any other country including those of Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, and the Middle East. In all of these other places there are barriers to success from arcane caste systems, brutal political systems, and religious obstacles, landed oligarchies, to simply repressive societies.

This is not a jingoistic apology for the United States it is a statement of fact. Those whose reaction will be a typical knee-jerk hatred of America should take some time to really examine my position. We are a free, capitalist society. I admit we are often on the verge of socialist suicide and will perhaps not always be the mecca of opportunity but so far so good.

Today’s Americans want immigrants, those who can make an immediate positive impact on society. The first immigration act was passed in 1882 to ban Chinese immigration which was known as the “Yellow Peril”. These industrious people were typical in that they kept to themselves, spoke their native language, and were exploited by their native criminals. Their uniqueness was frightening to English speaking citizens. The situation today is analogous.

To combat the problems we are facing we must encourage immigration, or least accept it but take some steps to ameliorate its effects. The must be no multilingual conversation in schools (with exception of training), work, government, etc. Let the children be assimilated, let them be citizens. Let their parents be welcomed and become citizens. If they can’t speak English it’s just too bad. The sooner they learn the language the better off everyone will be. If they don’t want to speak English then the second part of that choice is to return to their native land. The USA needs more people, there are plenty of jobs, places to live, freedoms to enjoy, and lives to build here. There is plenty of prejudice and fear as well; for the most part it is overcome easily.

The Mexican elites want their people to leave, bring them on.

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