Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Do Gooders - Be Quiet Please

I get really tired of all the do-gooders who want to make themselves feel justified for living. From the anti-smoking, anti-fat, anti-car, and anti-fun forces to the so-called experts on global warming the act of looking beyond one’s little place in the world quite tedious.  Of course you can see just about anything on television and the other night there was a program about hurricanes.  It began by discussing the possibility of a devastating storm hitting Manhattan Island.  It has happened before and according to scientific thought such a thing will most likely happen again.  The cycle appears to be every 75 years or so (something like Halley’s Comet) which means another one is due within the next few years.  As the program went on the discussion swung round to global warming and the effects of climate change.

It was glossed over and no definitive claims were made other than hurricanes are more frequent and more damaging now, at least since records have been kept; then came an interesting change of pace.  It turns out that record keeping in China has been going on a bit longer than in the West; about 1000 years longer.  It also seems that modern Typhoons are not as frequent or as damaging as those in millennia past.  Well, that’s in China and what do they know.  A Chinese scientist has come to the United States and taken core samples from coastal areas to determine the number and extent of Atlantic hurricanes.  The results are amazing.

Apparently in the murky past the same pattern of hurricane incidents can be traced on the Atlantic side and they were more numerous and apparently more damaging.  So, is global warming helping or hurting?  Extremists love to frighten the weak minded, who apparently make up most of the earth’s population, and also seek to impose their paranoiac views on the rest of us.

I personally don’t smoke and I take care of my health.  I do this for ego’s sake, I like to look as well as I can.  For that reason I exercise regularly but I don’t necessarily conform to the diet strictures of the fat police.  I don’t eat fast food because it has no taste and is very expensive considering what it is.

I guess I’m a geezer because I want all these nut cases to keep quiet or at the very least stop publicizing their particular brand of mental illness.

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