Thursday, March 02, 2006

Journalists have a liberal bias

Journalists have a liberal bias, that much is true, but why is this the case? To a large extent journalists feel that they must keep track of government activity and that they are protecting to the public.  Maybe this was true at one time.  In today’s polarized world this is no longer the case.  In the United States journalists are generally Democrat party hacks, except for FoxNews where they are generally GOP hacks.  There are exceptions of course.  Since the late 1960s journalism has been corrupted by “liberal zeal” and the goal is to unseat the existing government if it has a “conservative” bent.  There has never been a case of a journalist making his/her mark by embarrassing a Democrat president.  No reporter chased Lyndon Johnson around after he escalated the Vietnam war; college students were much more effective.  There were no Dan Rathers.  Dan made his bones chasing Richard Nixon around and Dan never got over it. Yet journalists made excuses for Bill Clinton.

Journalists must always possess a certain quality of cynical naiveté with the emphasis on naiveté.  Part of the problem is that journalists graduate from colleges where Marxist professors hold sway and this influence is insidious as it makes the prosperous college student feel guilty.  As a journalist it is difficult, once one becomes aware of a problem or injustice, to look at it simply as a story and not a crusade.  Journalists also tend to look down on their audience on the basis of the experiences they have that the average Joe never will.  They begin to have a slight case of egomania.  Once awards have been won the authority of the particular journalist is confirmed, they must.  This is obvious from the recent Dick Cheney press riot.

Journalism in the past had a conservative bias.  The Hearst papers actually got wars started.  Liberal bias is a partial reaction to “Yellow Journalism” and is now “Blue Journalism.”  Why else do we get the scare stories of environmental catastrophe, health debacles, earthquakes, hurricanes, all of which would never happen if a Democrat were president?  Why is the general public so gullible?  Well most of the reason for the stories is that there is space in the paper to fill, and if you repeat something often enough it will probably come true.

In the United States and Europe we are rather lucky to have a “free press” which despite its bias is allowed to have one.  In most countries there is no such thing.  The citizens have no real idea of what is going on around them unless they are able to get information from the internet sources or bootleg radio and television signals.  Despite the objections to liberal media they are not a danger.  Anyone who wants to can dig deeper into a story to verify or discount its contents.  So enjoy your freedom, if you have it, and read on.

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