Monday, February 27, 2006

Islam -Its Heart Revealed

Islam is revealing its true nature and is matching up to my view that religion is just another political system that is designed to command and control its adherents. There is peace in Islam. Since its founding in 622 AD by Mohammed Islam has been at war. First with the local populations and then through wars of conquest and of conversion by the sword. Today is no different. Modern Islam is a pale reflection of its intellectual past and its modern leaders are nothing more than thugs and murderers.

What is happening in the world today is the result of ignorance, illiteracy, self-hatred, and fear that Islam is irrelevant. All religion as currently practiced is irrelevant when confronted by democracy. There are no votes in church.

The Arabic contribution to the world is immense, the concept of zero, medical discoveries, advances in mathematics, Algebra ( Al-Gebra) for example are just a few of the ancient human gains from Arabic minds. Where have these thinkers gone? Today they are hiding from the religious police because science can be at odds with religion. The examples from Iran, not an Arab nation, of Islamic death squads prove that individual freedom of thought and expression are inimical to the ayatollahs and mullahs.

Religion is designed to provide guidance, solace, and hope. Islam and many Christian sects are great in the guidance department but need work in the other two. Everything that is transpiring in today’s world is a perversion of religious intent and thought. Of course this is not new especially where acquisition of wealth, power, and domination are concerned. The hypocritical behavior of Muslim leaders is so egregious that they don’t even notice it. They are like children blinded by their own fears and desires, unaware of the rest of the world. The result is piles of dead human beings who should still be alive and striving to make lives. The difference between modern Islam and Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and North Korea is difficult to discern. It is time to recognize that no amount of appeasement is going to prevent destructive behavior. In fact appeasement will encourage more outrageous acts of violence.


Anonymous said...

The difference between modern Islam and Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and North Korea is difficult to discern.

Not difficult at all :(

Those regimes (maybe NC is an exeption) were openly pro-technology, and focused on improvement of living conditions of people, even if meaning of such conditions and methods of improvement were different from the Standart Anglo-Saxon, unefficient (Russia) or plain criminal (Germany). The Chalifate is violently anti-tech, favor harsh social and gender restriction, and use general unhappiness, povety and never-ending civil unrest as it's main control tool.

LittleJohn said...

Thank you for this thoughtful comment. You have hit a couple of angles I had not considered. I look forward to hearing more from you.