Friday, March 03, 2006

Democracy: The Root of All Evil?

It’s funny the way people hear things.  I saw an article on the TV news about a high school teacher in a Colorado town who had been suspended pending a review of his actions in the classroom.  Apparently he had been interpreting the Bush state of the union speech or at least relating to the students the way he heard the message.  His comments point up the appalling lack of talent in the United States teaching corps and the way liberalism has been twisted so completely out of shape as to have lost its relevance.

This instructor got just about everything wrong.  Of course his opinions are valid in the sense that they are his, but his grip on history is a little loose.  He claims that Bush and Hitler use the same tones of voice and the comments are ethnocentric in nature. It is impossible to be ethnocentric when referring to the United States.  1930s Germany, yes Hitler was focused on the so-called Aryans.  He was also focused on eliminating the Jews.
This Colorado teacher, molder of young minds considers the United States to be the most violent nation on earth.  I guess they don’t have newspapers or internet connections in Colorado or he could inform himself about Iran, a country that imprisons and executes bus drivers for wanting a union.

This situation is a prime example of the failure of liberalism in the West.  I say again they hate themselves, their country, and their lives.  They are embarrassed by their wealth, opportunities, and freedoms.  As they look around the world and realize that only by accident of birth are they able to ski, vote, rant, and rave, instead of scratching out a meager existence under the watchful eye of a mullah or religious policeman they feel left out.

Another point this fellow makes should cause each of us to pause before voting for a Democrat who espouses this position; he considers democracy the governmental system of violent suppression. My guess is that he and his ilk know what is best for the rest of us and once in power would like to continue telling us what to do and how to live.

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday and it read “If you are not appalled you haven’t been paying attention, Vote” Its meaning is not clear and can be interpreted in several ways but if it is what I think it is then it means “If you don’t agree with me you are stupid”.  Of course it could be a protest against higher property taxes but I doubt it.

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