Friday, March 24, 2006

I have a new fan

I have a new fan.  He or she, I’m pretty sure it’s a he, is a great example of shadowy paranoiacs who spout off theories but remain anonymous.  He calls himself Ministry of Truth and is certainly out there around the planet zango.  He reminds me of the Sheryl Crow lyrics “Angels”…  I know they’re out there.  Anyway my new buddy has gone beyond 9/11 and is presented a rather feeble defense of Charlie Sheen, why I don’t know and can’t even guess.  Perhaps it is Charlie Sheen himself, who cares?  Take a look at the latest comments posted by him, and then by all means avail yourselves of the sources he mentions. He defends Charlie by accusing the Bush father and son team of some rather reprehensible practices.  Defense by accusation is the mark of a weak mind and the inability to present an argument cogently.

Still I like having him participate at least he cares enough about his own interests to defend them and to attempt to clarify them.  I hope he keeps up the good work.

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