Friday, March 24, 2006

Blog Response Comments Are Fun

Please have a look at two comments from yesterday’s post.  They are amazing.  It is not my intention to denigrate anyone except the subjects of my ravings, Charlie Sheen is an idiot.  He has proved this in countless ways including drug abuse, patronage of prostitutes, (not itself a bad thing), and now subscription to wacky 9/11 theories.  The two commenter’s are the same kind of thinkers that subscribe to UFO theories uncritically.  The conspiracy theory about  9/11 began almost immediately with a French writer having a book published, in record time, that purported that the towers did not come down.  Later it was revised to say that the US government perpetrated the act.

My dear readers give me a break. The United States Government can’t get out of its own way; it couldn’t get food to New Orleans.  I know, I know, that was a racist plot; except all the government in New Orleans is controlled by African Americans so drop that one.  I love the one about the blowing up the 9th ward levee another feat of derring-do that didn’t happen.

According to Benjamin Franklin “Two people can keep a secret…if one of them is dead” So here we are, citizens without real lives postulating and accepting verbatim statements that are on their faces absurd.  One reader said that the damage to the pentagon was minor and the fire was small.  Further there were no identifiable parts of a 757.  A 70 foot hole in a building or anything else is not small; try one on your house to gain perspective.  Not only were there identifiable airplane parts, almost all the body parts were identified.  Where did the bodies come from?

If the pentagon explosion was not the plane crashing into it, then where is the plane, passengers and crew?  Where are the 5 hijackers that, according to this theory, didn’t hijack anything?  Where are the UFO’s?  Oh they can’t land because we might attack them.  Is that reasonable?  They can live in outer space environments, fly all the way to earth and back (tourists?) and yet are not able to cope with our pathetic weapons; again where is the rational consideration of the flaws in these arguments?

Thanks for reading and sending in comments.  It does my heart good to know that all the innocent and naive are not just in politics.  Apparently there are very few people who can accept the fact that criminals, terrorists, do exists and will act and sometimes get lucky.


Ministry of Truth said...

"drug abuse, patronage of prostitutes"

Hmm, what about the little Georgie? HE was a cocaine and alcool addicted too, but he is our president.
Search for Jeff Gannon + Bush, u may beinterested.... ehehhe...
And what about the father, who liked young boys in the white house? Check out that old washington post scoop that vas covered up........
Please speak about the FACTS.
Like the ones who were suggested in the previous article; but u preferred to write another useless article based on zero facts....
just denigring...

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