Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cindy Sheehan is a disgusting person

Cindy Sheehan is a disgusting person, and apparently a rather stupid one.  She has been duped by the liberal elite through flattery and manipulation to travel the world and the nation doing something, but what?  Anti-war?  I don’t think so.  Feel good wacko liberalism, most likely.  Return to the sixties when it was cool to smoke dope, get arrested, and brag about it, another likely scenario.  Is she an aggrieved mother?  Yes, she is, but she is using her son and his death for self-aggrandizement.  She cannot speak for him, his final actions speak volumes.  Her son was not drafted or forced into military service.  In fact he had re-enlisted and was killed in action on his second tour of duty.  He made a choice, a willing and enthusiastic one.  Cindy acts as if we have an army of draftees fighting against their wills.  This was the idea from 1964-1973, it is not the case today.  I was in the military from 1966 to 1970 and I think I can speak with authority.  It’s always bad when someone gets hurt or killed, it is going to happen.  More lives are lost in accidents and from disease than from combat.

Susan Sarandon, her dopey husband and their friends are extremely shallow individuals who form their identities by doing what seems to be a good thing.  This entire outcry about the poor etc.  Why don’t these people give away their money, sell their SUV’s and multi-million dollar houses, and do some good in the world.  Maybe “Actors without Borders” would suit them.

These people are so distant from the real world they can no longer function as reasonable people.  I am glad that George Clooney and Madonna have moved to foreign climes where they can pretend that they are accepted by Europeans, of course they never will be, and that they are the sophisticated Americans the world needs.  This in opposition to those Americans who are willing to risk their lives for the well-being, freedom and lives of others.

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