Friday, January 06, 2006

Where are the Bloggers

What happens to bloggers that lose interest? Does this mean they have lost interest in life, their hobby, and their passion? What ever impelled them to start a blog in the first place must now be missing. The world is full of blogs, I know because I have been searching them out. A surprising number of them are no more, just links to nowhere. Others, while still faintly alive have not had a post for almost two years. What causes the demise of these blogspots that were at once interesting, even up to the last post? Maybe the blogger died, or is in prison; though I think there are prisoners who are also bloggers, maybe their spouses objected to the subject matter. Whatever the reason this blog, “That’s Outrageous” has a stated goal of longevity. This means a post at least once a day about something.

Today I have been reading the double issue of the Economist, which has several very interesting articles. This of course is not unusual. The one that most attracted my attention was the Survey about Evolution. This was interesting because it grazed the latest evolutionary thinking. It will be anathema to Christian fundamentalists and those who hate the idea that their surviving ancestors are jungle residents or found in the local zoo.

However there are some very thought provoking ideas in the article not the least of which was the theoretical reason for the largeness of the human brain. It turns out that certain survival techniques among fruit eating mammals may account for the growth of the brain. The reason was to facilitate color recognition and memory, the need an organ that could accommodate the enlarged cortical connections that would enable these processes. There is much more and I encourage you to seek out this article for enlightenment and additional source material should you decide to learn more.

For those who don’t subscribe to evolutionary theory, just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it false. Evolution is happening every day somewhere, as far as we can tell creation is not.

Perhaps the demised blogs are mere remnants or fossils left behind by cyber evolution.

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