Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Day Lunch

We had a number of friends over for our annual New Year’s Day Lunch. This year it was less formal than others, but just as much fun. We manage to assemble a diverse and interesting group that includes artists, an attorney, retired friends, business executives, and so on. The best part of the day of course is the lunch, but good food and drink stimulates a sense of well being, and this is particularly true when surrounded by people whose company you enjoy. The level of conversation, in terms of content, is varied and kept to a high level. The exchange of ideas is both pleasing and very entertaining. There is always something for everyone.
Each of our guests had read this blog and it managed to provoke reactions, some unexpected and some that came as no surprise. This blog is designed to express one point of view, mine, but I may approach a question or an issue from different aspects at a different time.
Every one should make an effort to stay in close touch with their friends and even some favorite acquaintances, a small dinner party at home is often much more open than that of a table for four or six at a restaurant.

This year I urge everyone to make the effort to entertain your friends at your home. Business dinners don’t count.

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