Sunday, January 08, 2006

Political Dark Age In The US

The Democrat Party entered the political Dark Ages around 1990 with the election of Bill Clinton to the office of President. Until then the Party had at least the semblance of an agenda. When Clinton took over the leadership reins, the Party became a party. It has lost track of its soul. I am a registered Democrat but it is unlikely I will ever pull the Democrat handle in a voting booth any time soon. I cast my first vote, in a presidential election, for Hubert Humphrey in 1968. It was an absentee ballot cast from where I was stationed overseas. From that time on I voted strictly Democrat Party, yes even for McGovern, because I thought they had the best handle on the severe problems that were facing the nation. I began to disagree, but only slightly in 1975 when congress passed the War Powers Act, and then when Senator Frank Church and company eviscerated the CIA. I had been away during wartime and I knew how important it is for intelligence to be gathered, even using unsavory and sometimes unreliable sources. Still I stayed in and voted for Jimmy Carter. His bungling of economic conditions and his almost personal creation of the Islamic State of Iran raised real concerns. I voted for Carter a second time, mainly because I bought into the hype about Ronald Reagan being a fascist who would erode our lives and cause social and political degeneration. I was wrong and so was my Party. Even so, I voted for Mike Dukakis and succeeding Democrat losers. I also voted for Bill Clinton, the first time he ran. Of course we now know he was a charlatan.

I became disillusioned with the welfare state because I saw what really happened. The poor and racially discriminated against were making very slow progress. White society in an effort to feel good about its own prosperity destroyed, by accident I believe, black families and culture in the United States. Blacks are now just as much slaves, albeit in a different sense, as they were before the Civil War. Their leaders cannot recognize success; they are beholden to the white power structure of the Democrat Party. They are told and believe that they need handouts, whether in the form welfare checks or affirmative action, and that they are not as good as whites so they cannot be expected to stand on their own without help from the Democrat Party. That help can only be available if the Democrat Party has political control of the government. After more than fifty years why are blacks still poor and stupid? Of course they are not but are hypnotized into believing their victim hood.

In 1996 I voted for Bob Dole, something I never thought I would do. The contract with America, which resulted in a Republican victory in the House of Representatives, frightened me at first. Then I saw it working, and saw politicians actually trying to keep their promises. Not Democrats but Republicans. This was quite disturbing. When Bill and Hillary attempted a socialist coup, which is what it seemed like to me at the time I began to finally drift. I voted for George Bush in 2000, finally a winner. The ensuing behavior of the Democrats reminded me of a cornered animal. It still does, and it is scary.

The United States is in a bad way at the moment. There is no loyal opposition. There are no ideas coming from the left, just hatred and grief. Hatred because George Bush is doing a good job and grief for the loss of their political stature.  Obstruction is the only thing they can do, they are disrespectful of the electorate, considering us too stupid to be trusted. Name-calling is not a philosophy. Until the Democrat Party admits to its lack of ideas and fear of taking political risks they have no chance of taking the reins of power back from the Republicans. To my mind there are no good candidates for president on either side, so 2008 will be very interesting.
I want my Party back. I want George Soros and his ilk to Move On.

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