Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Golf in North Carolina

Living in North Carolina has its good points, and one that I like best is year round golf. While you might not be able to expect good weather everyday you can expect to be able to play golf 12 months a year. Today for example, while its foggy and drizzly at the moment by the time I tee off the sun should be making its appearance and providing warmth up to 60 degrees. This is January after all. I am hoping that the damp conditions will reduce the number of players so that my friends and I can get through the round at a reasonable pace. I actually have not played since Thanksgiving and am looking forward to it. I normally play at a local municipal course called Bryan Park, named for Joe Bryan who donated the land. It actually has two 18-hole courses but one, The Players, is closed for green renovation. So today we will play the Champions Course, which is slightly longer and a little more challenging than the Players. To me though one course can be as difficult as the other.

North Carolina is geographically interesting with its easy access to mountains, forests, and the sea. The state is almost 500 miles long, but less than 300 miles in width, in some much less. Abutting Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and South Carolina, in sometimes only slightly, its location provides interesting opportunities for cultural exchange. The physical beauty of the landscape can be breathtaking, particularly along the trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which sweep from Virginia into Georgia, and brush the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains.

In late March and during April the great Canadian golf migration will begin, many are in Florida now. I will inevitably meet and play golf this spring with many of them. I have been fortunate during past years to play golf entirely in the French spoken by those from Quebec, those most speak English many don’t or won’t.

Come to North Carolina if you haven’t been here, there is a lot of fun to be had.

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