Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year Thoughts

There will be no resolutions this New Year, at least not at my house. Why should we vow to correct whatever behavior is personally unacceptable when most behaviors are a reflection the family gene pool or a set of bad habits? Rather we should make an effort to be aware of the things about us we don’t like and when they occur and are noticed, simply try not to do it again. Try doing this and you will find that your self-satisfaction level will rise and your friends will notice the change.  Weight loss and physical conditioning are nothing compared to civilized behavior.

Today’s world seems busy, loud, insensitive, and uncaring. That’s because that is exactly the way it is. Most of the busyness is derived from people disliking themselves so much that they don’t want to be alone with themselves. These same people, if they are raising children, feel they must control every aspect of the child’s life to ensure that schedules are kept and that the children can’t interfere in the adult’s life. Every day I make an effort to be more courteous, not always successfully but still trying. Naturally tempers will flare, but that too is a reflection of selfishness. Someone got the parking place you wanted? Did you run the red light, because you just can’t wait 30 seconds, and possibly injure or kill someone? These are commonplace happenings.

Do your best not to be commonplace.

I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year and all the year’s to come.


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