Sunday, December 25, 2005


As 2006 dawns it is a good time to reflect on 2005, a tumultuous year as most are. Some good and some bad things happen each year and we all think things are worse than they have ever been. Of course nothing could be further from the truth, only different situations exist. The United States is making progress in Iraq as are the Iraqis, the only problem that may raise its head is increased Iranian influence. Which I think is a given. Iran will be limited by the independent nature of Iraqis but influential they will be.

The recent pollution disasters in China prove that the United States Senate rejection of the Kyoto treaty in 1998 was the correct thing to do. Even though conventional wisdom likes to blame Preident Bush, it was in fact a Democrat president, Bill Clinton, and Democrat controlled senate, Tom Daschle, that rejected the treaty 98 -0. Now it seems that the greatest polluters and rapers of the environment are in fact China and India. The Siberian penisula is being threatened by Chinese industrial waste and the Indian Ocean by Indian pollution. These two countries were exempt from the terms and conditions of the Kyoto Treaty. A typical lame liberal attempt to feel better about something by doing actually nothing.

The fuzzy thinking and weak character of the left is illustrated clearly by their blaming George Bush for natural disasters. For a group of self-designated intellectuals they are either completely dishonest, poorly educated, or just plain stupid. Of course there is global warming, it has been going on for at least ten thousand years. The entire topography of the earth has been shaped by what we now call natural disasters. Human beings have a rather limited life span and the inclination to forget what happened before the world was blessed with their presence think that all happenings in their lifetime is new.

Western Culture is in severe decline due to a misguided effort to be nice to everyone. Political correctness kills diversity. The differences between people and cultures should celebrated even in the form of sterotypes. In the formerly Christian cultures the intelligensia are running from their roots. The importance of understanding the past cannot be measured especially for people who measure everythings value by their own standard. Western societies continue to evolve but one constantly hears of social malaise. This is due to denying one's heritage. Constant "I'm sorries" for whatever ancestors might have done erodes one's self confidence. Accepting responsiblities for crimes one did not and in fact cannot commit in today's world, strikes me as a ridiculous episode of self-pity and aggrandisement.

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