Saturday, December 24, 2005

What Americans Don't Understand About The War on Terror

Most liberal thinking, especially the Far Left believes that America is responsible for the war on terrror being started against the United States. They are correct but not for the reasons they embrace. Muslim fundamentalists hate the United States for a few simple reasons, economics has very little to do with their outrage. Muslims see the United States as a Godless, atheistic nation that is a threat to Islam. These terrorists and their leaders fear democracy because it will undermine their beliefs, especially over time. What the fuzzy thinkers at are missing is that when the Muslims are victorius the Cindy Sheehans of the world must either convert to Islam or die. No atheists allowed. No infidels, Christians, or Jews, no Hindus or agnostics will or can be permitted to exist as they are an affront to Allah. Hollywood personalities will be the first to go.

Our borders may not be overtly threatened at the moment but they are threatened. Our entire way of life, like or not, is under threat. My suggestion is that our nutcase brethern should visit Iran, or Saudi Arabia to get a sense of what life will be like if we don't defend ourselves now. Ironically our only hope is Communist China. The Chinese will shoot back, torture, execute, and generally eliminate any group that poses a threat to the hegemony of the Party, and there are 2 billion Chinese in China. The one billion or so Muslims can not hope to win that battle. The will be no protests in China.

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