Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Should Americans be concerned about reports that they are universally hated?

The answer is a resounding no!!! The media, network, cable, print, and bloggers would have us believe that it's not safe to step on foreign soil. Since this is obviously not true (see stats for air travel to foreign countries from the USA) what is the problem? Did the world love the USA when Bill was president? Could the election of George Bush, an unknown quantity at the time, have knocked all affection from the hearts of the world? It's big ol' crazy world out there.

I've recently been touring the blog world and it is wonderful what is out there. While there are some right wing blogs most opinion seems to be very liberal and fuzzy. Just today I was perusing a blog produced by a Canadian and it is quite good. The funny thing is that the writer, Jonathan, was really aggravated by comments made by Neal Cavuto and Tucker Carlson about Canada's attitude towards the US. Jonathan was very upset, though he thinks nothing of making similar comments about the US without provocation. The return posts by his readers were very comical, especially those made by US readers. Everyone of them was apologetic, cringing, crawling evidence of the hatred left wing nuts have towards George Bush, their own country, and themselves. Why should we care about opinions of those that have no sense of perspective. There are 300 million people living within the borders of the United States are they all to be classified by Eurobloggers as asinine? So only some Americans are concerned about dishonest world opinion, I use the word dishonest to exclude those who the USA just because they can. A little thinking would help. The real problem is being ignored. Despite the jealousy other cultures feel and express about the United States their concern is out of date, China and India are the next so-called Super Powers.

It is simply silly to blame the United States for all the world's problems. When the Democrat party returns to power, as it surely will at some point, there will be little if any change in policy. The nation will not allow it, in fact that is why the Republicans were able to change the balance of power in Washington. The rabid hatred of the USA is a reflection of the fear that dictatorial rulers have and the desire of their people to be free. The fellow travelers in the elite intelligensia support these monsters because it makes them feel worldly. This is not the only odd behavior you will find in the detractors of America. Try this: Mexico has a governmental department called The Ministry for the Prevention of Natural Disasters this name alone should provide a clue to the arrogance of far left thinking and it tells you something about the rest of the world. (If you find out how to prevent natural disasters please write and tell me) The Western world is living in a dream world and the dream is about to become a nightmare. China and India are in the crawling stage but they are almost ready to stand up and start walking. Running is not far behind, once that happens look out. Already these nations, exempt from Kyoto, are responsible for far greater negative environmental impact than the United States could ever hope to have.

As for Jonathan, I guess that Canadians are very sensitive about their place in the world since having such a small population means they can have very little impact on the thinking of their friends to the south. Well, that is obviously not true as Mr. Martins recent comments demonstrate. In fact Canadians as a group have produced some great thinkers, artists, and entertainers yet they still feel inferior as a nation. The evidence for this is their inability to shrug off rude comments from the Carlsons and Cavutos of the world who are paid to express opinions designed to outrage. I have been to Canada many times, have been business partners with Canadians and find the country beautiful and the people fine.

We Americans have little to be ashamed of regarding our contributions to the world especially not the encouragement of democracy. I realize that this view is irritating to some, but that's what blogging is all about. The next two world dominators India and China are just getting started and not a moment too soon. It's probable that India will emerge first as it is sort of a democracy with a population just a bit smaller than China's. In the end though it will be China as the number one power whose ideas , more demands,will dominate the world stage.

Get ready Euros it's coming soon to a seaport near you.

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