Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's Night Out

The dust has begun to settle and a clearer picture of the future of the United States is emerging. The events of the last few weeks have been amazing to say the least. The actions of a Democrat controlled congress have provided incontrovertible evidence that the party cannot be trusted with power. In an orgy of ego and recklessness the Democrats have turned 200 plus years of self reliance into the dustbin of history. It is unlikely that the USA will be able to recover its position in the world for a number of reasons.

First the enormous borrowing of money to satisfy their clients the Democrats have placed such a strain on the economy that the climb back will require generations of a shrinking workforce to accomplish. This condition presumes that the enemies of the United States will remain on the sidelines waiting for a recovery. Of course that is not going to happen.

Another problem is that the constitution of the United States barely exists at this point. It is merely a historical reference point and a convenient excuse to take some action or other.

Last night President Obama, though garner praise from the chattering classes, produced a pedantic, boring, and deceptive picture of the present and future. He and his minions are quite simply liars. The American public is so bereft of thinking ability and consumed with media generated fear that they are like children reaching for their parent's hand at the shopping mall.

The reality of job losses and reduction in business activity is a fact, but its main drama is played out on these directly affected. The political class is merely taking advantage of a difficult situation to advance schemes that have been rejected for decades. The vagaries of the business cycle are well known, yet today's media act as if such things have never happened and are impossible to change. No doubt certain areas of the country are in worse shape than others, a visit to shopping areas in some parts create wonder about where exactly the disaster is occurring; in places like Michigan it is obvious.

Despite President Obama's claims to the contrary government produces nothing. Government by definition is non-productive in its role of maintaining public order, arbitrating disputes, legislating within the bounds of the constitution and can provide a good or service at a profit. Profit is needed for reinvestment in production and incentives for employees to continue to be productive.

It is amusing to recall the reference to Karl Rove as George Bush's brain. Who is Barack Obama's brain? Based on recent behavior it is George Soros and company who are deciding what actions Obama should take. It is fairly clear that Obama has no leadership skills and unclear that he will be able to develop and assert such skills.

This is a good time to be old in America for now the best of times have passed. In the coming months a decline will set in economically that old the ditch diggers in the world will not be able to hold off. This decline will be aggravated by physical attacks on people and places by the Islamofacist enemies already embedded and waiting for the order. The Democrats and their leaders have convinced themselves that the past eight years were an illusion and that the USA would have no enemies if only Al Gore had been elected instead of George Bush. A bitter surprise is waiting.

The cultural decline of the United States is accelerating so quickly that it is becoming unrecognizable. That decadence is the norm is not even considered remarkable. Child pornographers, child rapists, and the like are nothing more than a news item; often not even being imprisoned for the murder of children. Such a society can not preserve itself. The gradual disintegration of the nation has begun to pick up speed and as usual California provides the template of what the future holds.

Barack Obama is a fraud and more closely resembles Hugo Chavez than he does Abraham Lincoln. He parrots ideas of the past and ignores the chance to lead a nation crying out for leadership while he brushes aside any rational opposition. The Pelosi-Reid orgy will create the hangover of the century though it is doubtful that the general population is intelligent enough to understand what a real disaster is brewing.

Today's situation is like all such conditions: the result of small mistakes ignored. The Democrat social policy of a house for everyone regardless of ability to pay has created the current situation. Their dishonesty in denying blame is exacerbating the panic. The panic can be laid squarely on George Bush. His failure to lead at the end of his term has opened the door the a socialist republic undreamed of by most citizens even twenty years ago.

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