Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's Time to Start Watching

As Dylan noted more than 40 years ago the times they are a changin. That comment on the times was merely a footnote to the re-start of change that was postponed by World War II, and which might only be halted by World War III. The change being discussed is that occurring in the USA.

Many Obama voters are disillusioned by the policies they have caused to be pursued by their chosen President and his lackeys. This feeling is unjustified. Barack Obama spelled out, perhaps not in detail, his plans for the political life of this country. The press and television knew it but chose to look the other way. The electorate was so caught up in celebrity and the so called historic moment that it went to sleep basking in self righteous egolation ( a term invented today to describe self worth enhanced by the delusion of a sefless act worthy of praise).

That the culture of the United States is critically ill is not news. The nation has literally having a nervous breakdown. The behavioral standards are so blurry that the average citizen has no idea about how to react to events. Sexual perversions are only for the "lower classes", national security is an alien concept, corruption at all levels of government is so rampant that the public apathetically accepts it as normal.

Those elected to govern within the limits of the constitution are now separate from the general citizenry. This separation is so distinct that the only ambition of today's politicians is the acquisition of power. The intended use of this power is to enslave their fellows to an extent unimaginable even forty years ago. The erosion of liberty and freedom is accelerating yet the general public sits watching their country go to hell on television.

Why does this matter? A large segment of the population will eventually rebel once the out of control government policies hit home. At this point the elected elite is basing the model of governance on the Venezuelan scheme of Hugo Chavez: something that was unthinkable only fifteen years ago.

Americans, as a whole, are ridiculous and infantile. This assessment is true even at the highest levels. There is almost no honesty in public discussion. There is certainly very little thinking going on. Apologists for abortion claim the only intellectual honest description of its political aspects is that of choice. What are the choices? It is not merely life or death (though that would seem adequate) it is the choice to become pregnant and then use the law for birth control. There are rare exceptions to that choice aspect such a rape or incest. It is possible to have sexual relations without pregnancy; so what's the problem? Abortion is legal and is being paid for with tax dollar. That payment is the objectionable part of the issue. Personally abortion is murder, but as it is legal at the moment the participants should pay for the procedure themselves.

This one issue demonstrates why the nanny state is ascendant. Other examples are the slavish acceptance of the idea that climate change is bad or abnormal; that everyone is entitled to medical insurance; that immigration laws should not be enforced .

President Obama, from a long historical perspective, will be viewed as a self inflicted disaster far beyond Jimmy Carter.

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