Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The True Religion

Christianity is the world’s only true religion. This statement is true prima facie based only the behavior towards it. Christianity is persecuted in its home country and feared around the world. Why? An examination of its tenets reveals a religion of true peace and love, though many of its adherents do not subscribe to all its principles.

In the United States for example Christianity is assumed to be the national religion event though such a thing is forbidden by the Constitution. The strictures laid against Christian expression cannot be found with regard to any other religion. In fact the symbols of Judaism and Islam are rarely, if ever, forbidden. This lack of attention indicates that Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and others are really on a level with Transcendental Meditation in terms of their cultural impact.

Christian leaders have always abused their power, and great it must be, examples are many from the reign of Constantine, the renaissance popes, the inquisition, Henry VIII and his relatives, to modern day Jim Jones and David Koresh, yet the kernel of truth still shines through. One of the most unfortunate aspects of Christianity is its sectarian nature and these sects reliance on the fear found in the Old Testament. Of course Christ claimed that his ideas were fulfilling and replacing the Old Testament; statements that got him killed. The fact that most Christians cannot live simply by the New Testament is troubling, but in terms of human nature quite understandable. The basis for control in Islam is fear, so it is in many Christian sects. Still the power of a simple idea, Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself, makes the religion that expounds it inherently true.

Religion arose in the mists of time to answer the questions about death, drought, warring tribes, and so on. The priestly class gained power by developing answers to these questions and maintained power by keeping education a secret process. From there developed more worldly politicians with armies that could check the priests influence through violence. This corruption naturally led to priestly interpretation in favor the local chieftain. As cultures developed religions became more sophisticated instruments of the state holding all in thrall under the guise of righteousness. This is true from China to Peru, from Rome, to Istanbul, from Baghdad to Jerusalem, from Boston to Los Angeles, only one has the spark of human longing: Christianity.

This is not an argument about whether Christ is God or not. It is simply an observation that the strength of the Christian message is in its recognition that most human beings want peaceful and harmonious relationships with one another. Those exceptions rise in political heights in search of the power to dominate their fellow man. By definition the impulse to power is irreligious.

During the Christmas season repression is at its height, but all year long the fear that someday people will indeed Love Each Other As They Love Themselves will happen and thus de facto depose the powerful works its way to eliminate any such possibility. For that reason alone Christianity must be considered the only true religion.

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