Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joe Loves Hugo

Joe Kennedy II, named for his great uncle, is doing a deal with the devil one which his namesake would likely never endorse. The original Joe Kennedy, son not the father, was killed in action during WWII and has been revered as a hero ever since. He died fighting oppression, his great nephew is endorsing a dictator and garnering positive PR in the process. Kennedy and Hugo Chavez have done a deal to provide heating oil, through CITGO, at a 40% discount. This will undoubtedly benefit those who qualify this winter in the colder regions of the US, but what gain will the citizens of Venezuela gain?

Venezuela has sunk in terms of living standards since Hugo took over. He and his mentor, Fidel Castro, are still attempting to spread Marxist style socialism if not communism. The do-good, feel-gooders of the liberal wing love this idea. Utopia always sounds good even if it never pans out. Fidel will soon be , if not already, dead. This will be a great tragedy for the Democrat supporters of this tyrant. They are switching their allegiance to Chavez.

The Kennedy- Chavez nexus is supposedly a non-profit effort but salaries must be paid etc, so profit is in the eye of the profiteer. Chavez hopes to rehabilitate his tarnished image though he is probably going to be disappointed in the long run.

Those conservatives who stayed home or voted Democrat in protest are now getting what they wanted; too bad for the rest of us.

Rangel, Waxman, Dingell, and Durbin are examples of what the future holds; bitter partisan clashes, revenge, and general congressional chaos. This might be good as no legislation is likely to be passed during this period. Rangel's proposal to reinstate the draft is a typically hypocritical view of life. This system was started by Democrats during the First World War and repealed by them immediately after the Vietnam era.

The Kennedy-Chavez proposition is just one more example of this kind of opportunistic thinking and behavior.

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