Friday, December 01, 2006

Promises Schomises

Democrat Party Leaders are now shying away from their early goals. The first of these setbacks comes as no real shock; they are trading the security of the United States for personal power within the Congress. Yesterday Nancy Pelosi announced that the Democrat Party would not be implementing every recommendation of the 9/11 commission as promised during the campaign. Senator Chris Dodd dismissed complaints about this as naiveté on the part of the electorate as such promises are just campaign rhetoric.

The real difficulty that has arisen is that establishing new oversight committees will weaken the other committees already led by Democrat hacks. This is only the first of many changes that can be expected during the first “100 Hours” promised by Pelosi and her cronies. The amusing thing is that the Democrats are fending off Republican criticism of their behavior as out of place since the Republicans behaved the same way. So why elect Democrats?

The American public is extremely gullible; one only has to consider the content of media advertising to reach this conclusion. The US education system is so bad that one can not reasonably expect literate students to emerge from the schools. It appears that the education system is designed to benefit school administrators and provide a safe retirement for teachers. The curriculum is designed to teach testing end points and not to educate the populace. As the old saying goes “Garbage in, garbage out.”

It seems very likely that the electorate will be very frustrated with the Congress by 2008 and that this session will be as lame a duck as the remaining years of the Bush presidency.

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