Thursday, October 19, 2006

Clinton Still Phony

Bill Clinton is a very funny man. During a speech at Yale Billy complained about the lack of real intellectual political arguments during the current election season. According to Clinton the Republican Party is hostage to extreme religious fanatics and by extension so is the US government for the time being. The hypocritical Republican Party is self-righteously moralistic while at the same time is “developing new weapons and cutting taxes.” This example of Clintonian logic is supposed to prove the innate incapacity of Republicans to operate in the best interests of the American public.

Of course this is Orwellian double speak and Clinton knows it. However it is more revealing than perhaps he would have liked. The single obligation of the Federal Government is to ensure the safety of the nation; all else pales in comparison. Clinton’s remarks make it clear that the Democrat Party will appease our enemies to the point that disaster strikes and will damage the economy by raising taxes. The ideology of the left, which Clinton wants the public to think doesn’t exist, will create more problems than it will solve; if it will solve any. Clinton bemoans the “politics of personal destruction” while encouraging his fellows to indulge in just that. Ms. Macaskill, the Democrat candidate for the Senate from Missouri claimed that “George Bush let people die on New Orleans rooftops simply because they were black.” Where is the intellectual portion of that discussion?

Democrat bloggers assert that George Bush and Condi Rice are sex partners and that is the only reason she got the job as Secretary of State. How does that thinking work in the best interests of the citizenry? Bill Clinton and the rest of his followers have no respect for anyone who disagrees with them and consider the mass of Americans too stupid to take care of themselves. How in the world did the nation survive without them?

It will be an interesting, if dreadful, time should the Democrat Party regain power in Washington DC. First there will be the crowing about the victory, then the promise of revenge for the years they were out of power, and finally two years of disruption and inaction while they attempt to impeach George Bush. Contrast that prediction with the actual behavior of the Bush administration upon taking the presidency. When the Democrats take over juvenile delinquents will be in charge of the most powerful nation on earth. Good Luck!

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