Thursday, September 28, 2006

World Weariness

I’m not sure about the rest of the world but in America the nut jobs are out in force. From Vernon Robinson, a candidate for the House of Representatives and a good old fashioned demagogue, to the latest UFO proponent shifting to a mega conspiracy theory about the world trade center, the argument could be made for reinstating publicly sponsored mental health facilities. Mr. Robinson has a good chance of unseating the incumbent, Brad Miller, and maybe he will make a good representative. His platform of anti-illegal aliens will garner many votes as should be the case. His ads are inflammatory in the great tradition of American politics.

Controlled implosion is the latest theory on the UFO left. Of course these wackos forget how difficult it is to rig the most rudimentary buildings for implosion and how dangerous it is to the workers doing the rigging. Yet they would have us believe that mysterious government agents went to the World Trade Center, during the work week I guess, and rigged explosives without being noticed and without incident. Let’s consider this view. The process of implosion has been shown and discussed on television innumerable times and will no doubt continue to be demonstrated. These old structures are inevitably gutted, no wiring, no furniture, the ground cleared for hundreds of feet around the implosion site. The explosive rigging takes about a month and is done carefully. Given these conditions how was the rigging of the World Trade Center done?  

In out town a large office building was imploded recently, and it was quite a sight to see. One person among the crowds watching was injured by flying glass. Apart from that the demolition went off without a hitch, and it looked nothing like the World Trade Center collapse. There was a series of loud bangs, the detonations of the explosive, and then a rapid collapse inward of the structure; it did not fall straight down.

The resiliency of the citizens of the United States is remarkable considering what we have been through the last five years. The Democrat Party is struggling, as a friend of mine predicted, the occupation of Iraq is dragging on interminably, Cindy Sheehan is moving in next door to George in Texas, pedophiles and child murderers are given slaps on the wrists, abortions among liberals are making them an endangered species and damaging social security, Afghanistan is heating up, and Richard Branson has yielded to peer pressure and donated three billion dollars for Global Warming research. Apparently he wants to keep up with the Buffets and the Gates’. When asked about his reasons he stated that while he had been skeptical he was now 99% convinced of the danger of Global Warming. When asked about the non-starter of a hurricane season he responded that the lack of hurricanes this year was due to the cooling effects on the Atlantic this year of the wind.

My friends it’s your turn; take it!

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