Monday, September 25, 2006

Clintonmania Revealed

I guess Billy did again. In his interview last week that was finally televised in full on Sunday, Clinton revealed his essentially weak character. This weakness manifested itself in his womanizing which all his supporters, male and female, pointedly ignored. In fact his staff and flunkies slandered and attempted to intimidate women who made accusations against Clinton. The clearest example of this is Jennifer Flowers who had a twelve year affair with Clinton which he and Hillary vehemently denied and coined the term “the Bimbo effect.” Later all the tapes and letters came out.

Clinton’s behavior during the interview shows an unstable man seriously concerned about his historical image’ something that will be firmly established many years after his death. Why? One excuse might be obsessive/compulsive disorder, quite the fashion among liberal circles, or some other excuse. A hallmark of a dedicated liberal is a negative one: the absence of personal responsibility. Political and social leaders are called by that name in expectation of providing an example to the rest of society. For many years the wrong message has been sent.

A recent Harvard study demonstrated the high school, or just plain school, drop-outs achieve less in society. Was that supposed to be a big surprise? The conclusion was that these people are “victims of a system that has failed them.” This is a rather strange conclusion though not unusual. The liberal elite is still trying to build a system in which everyone is successful, in some form or other, that requires no effort on the part of the beneficiary. What would happen if the expectations were reversed and the system was considered a neutral component while the participants were the active components?

The liberals are now saying that Bill bravely stood up to the Republican in house propaganda machine known as the Fox News Channel. This is indeed a weak response, it’s some one else’s fault that Bill made himself out to be a silly desperate man. His performance was astounding from another statement he made. Clinton claimed that he ordered the assassination of Bin Laden, even contracted for it. This, I hope, is a lie; otherwise he is admitting to an attempted felony as an act of that kind is prohibited by US law.

Take your pick, Chris Wallace or Bill Clinton.

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