Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Confused People

Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, and Cindy Sheehan are now the most vocal advocates boosting Cesar Chavez. What’s going on here? The Belafonte and Glover connection are the most confusing, no doubt both men suffered racial discrimination during their youth. At that time most of the United States was either de jure or de facto an apartheid state. Blacks were invisible except for lynching or being accused of crimes. If the crime was black on black it was not much of a concern for society. The opportunities for social acceptance and integration were rare. Yet succeed they did and even became figures recognized around the world.

Belafonte had an even more difficult row to hoe than did Glover, so his bitterness may understood a bit better. Glover faced racial prejudice too, but not as gratuitous as Belafonte. Today these men spit on the very country that provided the opportunities for them, despite having to wrestle them forth. These men are symbols of what’s possible in the United States. They would not have accomplished their success under the regimes of Hussein, Chavez, Castro, or any other dictator. Yet they call George Bush a dictator and call for his assassination; if not blatantly certainly by implication.

They bemoan the ultimate demise of affirmative action which of the two only Glover could have been a beneficiary. Thirty years later affirmative action has come to be a tool to affirm the inferiority of blacks by admitting that they can not succeed any other way; they are not capable. Since this is patently untrue why do Glover and Belafonte (and others) insist upon its retention? Is it simply payback, if so when is enough paid back?

As for Cindy Sheehan she is a pathetic tool of the ultra liberals and the Democrat left. She revealed herself clearly during a recent C-Span interview. She simply spews forth the Michael Moore, George Clooney, Martin Sheen, party lines. None of the aforementioned is too bright either for that matter.

Time will tell but recent events are waking the US electorate to the real nature of ultra liberalism which will be represented in Congress by the Democrat Party; as disaster in the making for the American people.

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