Monday, September 11, 2006

No Memorials Yet Please

All the speeches and memorials today are a bit premature. Those who were killed certainly deserve to be remembered and will be, but the war is not over. The war will not be over for a long time. As long as the battle of civilizations continues the fight will be seen on every shore, city, town, and village. The United States is forced to lead this fight because no one else will. This war is not about economics it is about survival. The latest tape from Al Zawahiri demonstrates this very clearly.

Oh those who would whistle past the graveyard are doing so in hopes that they will be spared when they surrender. It is not to be. Saudi Arabia has banned the possession and sale of dogs and cats; this despite the fact the Prophet had a fondness for cats. These pets were banned, not at the behest of PETA, but by the religious police on the grounds that pet’s ownership is a western perversion. The veneration of cats and dogs is an ancient relationship of man to animal. Cats had an honored place in ancient Egypt.

Zawahiri stated that they gave the West a chance to convert, to enjoy a ten year truce, and that by declining the West has empowered Al-Qaeda and its look a likes to attack, maim, kill, butcher, and anything infidels deserve. This is the reason we can’t all just get along.

By all means honor the dead of this war including those in Bali, Riyadh, Kabul, Kandahar, Madrid, London, and all the other places these wahabbi fanatics have attacked. Their fellow travelers the “moderate Muslims” support and encourage the jihadists financially, emotionally, and morally. They don’t speak out or condemn and would be happy to pick the pieces of a destroyed Western Culture.

There is nothing admirable about a civilization that has not progressed beyond 1400 AD; which is the situation in the Muslims nations. Science doesn’t count if that science is put to destructive use. The one consolation will be Michael Moore explaining why he can’t be a Muslim, though it is doubtful that he will refuse to convert given the alternative. The separation of church and state will be an arcane concept when the Democrats appease the Wahabbi killers. ACLU its members will be killed because Jews won’t be allowed to convert and the non-Jewish members will be considered too dangerous to ever practice faithfully.

Movies and video games, hip-hop, rock, and all the rest banished on pain of death or life in prison. Homosexuals will be executed forthwith as will all the confused transgendered waifs of Western society.

These are the promises of 9/11 and one should ignore them at their own peril. The unhonored heroes are those military personnel killed in action and despised by their fellow liberal Americans. The left cannot wait for the next event worth noting: the 3000th death in Iraq. This will be greeted with joy on the left, in secret of course, and public indignation on the platforms of power in Washington.

It cannot be argued that radical Islam wants to destroy all infidels; that has been their war cry for hundreds of years. The West is mostly infidel, decadent, and despicable to these people one would do well to remember that when listening to the deafening silence of moderate Islam.

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