Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bush and Clinton Separated at Birth

I turned on the news this morning and wondered what all the fuss concerning the Clinton administrations incompetence was about. The report stated that 190 Taliban leaders and members had gathered for a comrade’s funeral. The United States had the chance to kill them all, or at least a large number of them and shied away. George Bush, my erstwhile hero, has failed again to put his money where his mouth is.

This reminds me of the Katrina fiasco; the blind leading the blind. The real problem is political polling which President Bush claims to ignore; this action puts the lie to that statement. War is about killing your enemy and killing as many as possible in as short a time as possible. It’s about killing the fighters, their families, and friends until they quit.

Politicians in the United States are basically a venal and cowardly group. President Bush and his supporters in Congress talk about how hard and long the war on terror will be. Well, it’s going to be a lot longer if we don’t start killing more of the enemy. The so called rules of engagement should be find’em, kill’em, find some more, and repeat.

If this is the Republican method of war fighting I can’t wait for the Democrats to take control. The similarities to Vietnam that have been long been bandied about falsely are now beginning to take shape. During that war actions against the enemy were hostage to domestic political opinion which deteriorated, naturally, as the war dragged on with no decisive end in sight. That the war against terrorism is a different can be argued. No standing armies to defeat, fifth columns at home deterring action, a weakening of the will rekindled only after another attack, these are the factors that ensure defeat. The failure to kill an enemy in plain sight is just plain crazy; I can’t wait to hear what Tony Snow has to say about this.

It seems that Clinton and Bush have more in common than was originally thought. Howard Dean is correct but for the wrong reason. He said that the administration looks ridiculous for the speech that Bush made on September 11; the administration looks ridiculous because its words are empty. Never mind what a person says it’s what they do that counts.

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