Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dems Gone Wild

Is the Democratic National Committee so nervous, even the face of victory, that they must resort to censorship? Howard Dean is making the rounds of black broadcasters begging them to get out the vote “In your own interest” because finally seniority is coming to elected black representatives. Of course one them is an impeached Federal judge but that shouldn’t worry Democrats.  Then here comes ABC, one of the Democrat Party stalwart media helpers.  How could this happen … The Road To 9/11?

The howls of pain, even though Bill Clinton claims that no one on his side has even seen it, Billy boy called Eiger the head of Disney to plead for a no-broadcast. Why? Was there any outcry about fairness when Howard Dean was recommending Fahrenheit 911 as the definitive reason to vote Democrat? Then here comes Cindy fantasying about aborting an unborn George W. Bush, are these people really so horrible? It seems that they are and the nation will pay a stiff price for reinstating them.

What are these people afraid of? Are they projecting their own behavior when they think about the Bush administration? Of course they are facile in their claims of international dislike of the United States, but if its true why when they come back to seat of power and ego should that change. They are still Americans aren’t they?

Here’s what’s going to happen the day after the elections if the Democrats get control of the house: George Bush will have impeachment proceedings instituted against him. If the Democrats get control of both houses GWB will most likely be convicted and removed from office. That puts Dick Cheney in charge. Victory? What about the state of the nation? Taxes will be raised, the military will have its budget cut, and the US will run out of Iraq. The Iraq War was won, the peace was lost.

The United States will be seen as weak and vacillating; vulnerable to attack without answer. When terrorists blow up another two or three thousand people the Democrats will send the FBI to investigate and warn the bomber not to do it again or something bad will happen to them. Once they stop laughing another bomb will explode.

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