Friday, May 05, 2006

The UN. At it again

I notice that the UN is going to examine the United States for possible violations of the “worldwide” ban on torture.  Is this some kind of joke?  No it is not, it does show why many Americans consider the UN irrelevant.  What is happening in Darfur that the UN could get involved in?  How about Cuba, any chance of torture going on there?  Maybe Syria has some inclination to torture, or even that beacon of enlightenment Osama Bin Laden has experience in this area.  Is it possible that China, North Korea, Venezuela, or Saudi Arabia have personnel dedicated to the task of inflicting pain in search of information?

The United Nations is a wonderful idea gone horribly wrong.  The only thing to its credit, and its not a small thing, is that while there have been many small wars there have been no truly devastating ones since 1939-1945.  Lip service and outright dishonesty are the hallmarks of the UN.  In the United States the feeling among everyone except the Far Left is that the UN should be disbanded and not replaced.  Sell the real estate and divide the proceeds among the members.  Send the diplomats home to whatever fate awaits them.  The situation in the world will decline only slightly and will probably improve.

The criminals running most nations in Africa and Latin America will of course remain, as they would under a flourishing UN.  At the very least the United States should discontinue its payment of dues as the money is invariably wasted.  The UN is merely a vehicle for the latest Far Left scare tactic; from Global Warming to Nuclear Proliferation. Cynicism rules the day in conversations about what to do.  Send in peacekeepers to rape the women, molest the children, and steal from the already destitute, these are behaviors that are well documented by the UN itself.  Of course the charges are being studied, taken under advisement, and swept under the rug.  Kofi Anan is and has been one of the worst secretary generals to have disgraced the halls of the UN building.

The United States is one of the few countries on the planet that has very little to be ashamed of with regard to its behavior.  This will strike many as an offensive assertion.  Their reaction is based on jealousy, hatred, and admiration despite themselves.  The “intellectual elite” of European nations disdain the US mainly because they have it made but no one else in their society can advance readily.  The US offers upward mobility, freedom, liberty, self-expression and all the other things the human spirit needs.  If this assertion is questioned simply look to the current immigration controversy for the answer.  People don’t usually move to a country to get in on the chance to be oppressed, tortured, or killed.

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