Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Asta la vista amigo

The Mexicans weren’t very invisible yesterday and the country did not grind to a halt.  Democracy in the United States is disappearing and the reason is that the wacko left, who includes most Democrats, believes that democracy is for dopes.  Their preference is to replace elections with intimidation, responsibility with constituent bribery, love of country and sense of purpose with empty slogans.  The media are pathetic and probably always have been, without extensive television coverage there would be no purpose for such things as yesterday’s “rallies.”

The liberals in this country are lost; they miss the 60s, even though many weren’t even born then, because it gives them a reason to misbehave.  These are the most childish adults you will ever meet.  Many of course are Marxists gone to seed, the rest are simply trying to give meaning to their lives by making the rest of us miserable.  They cannot stay focused long enough to even consider the issues that outrage them.  They wring their hands over oil company profits, without which they would be scrambling for the “Mexican jobs.”  They embrace the likes of Al Gore and his nutty conclusions about climate change.  By the way if the climate didn’t change we would still be under a sheet of ice.  These are the same people that take a novel, The DaVinci Code, and convert it to history.  Want choices?  Forget it.  With this crowd in charge the only people making choices will be the political elite, the rest of us will be following orders.

Illegal immigration is a crime against the laws of the United States of America.  That there is even a question about this proves the point that the liberals hate this country and consider it an illegitimate entity.  Try immigrating to Mexico from Guatemala illegally.  It is a felonious crime not a misdemeanor.  The political culture of Mexico is that of corrupt violence.  Why are all these people fleeing their country?  It is a large place with fairly large population, immense resources ruled by gangsters.  Murder, mayhem, and fiscal corruption is the order of the day.  Kidnapping is a big business; respect for authority is non-existent because respect must be earned.  This is the culture they are bringing to the United States.  That this is true is proven by the increase in crime as these migrants find their way into the cities and towns.

Justification of their behavior is simply we are here and you have to like it. The United States is a country like no other and for that reason is the object of jealousy, derision, hatred, and fear.  Other countries politicians or rulers are afraid that what the US possesses, liberty and freedom might spread to their domain which would result in their fall from power.  It is no wonder that so many people want to come here, but once here they should be Americans and not hyphenated citizens.

The United States needs immigrants, abortion has already reduced our numbers by 40 million since 1973, but the process should be orderly and the requirements designed to bolster the sense of citizenship.  Success through bully tactics is weak and breeds contempt, which is why amnesty is not the solution.  Raise the quotas or eliminate them and streamline the process at embassies to welcome new comers.  Until something like that happens events like yesterday will continue and will continue to be meaningless.

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