Thursday, May 04, 2006

Immigration rhetoric

Immigration rhetoric has degenerated into single issue causes which means that very little progress can or will be made.  Politicians are not leaders.  This means that they must please their constituents in order to get re-elected.  Most of the current demagogues are local, vocal, and loud which is frightening the tax fund sponsored officials into reconsidering their chances of retaining their jobs.  How can they please their districts and return to Washington?

The situation has gone way past Mexican illegal immigration.  Now the blacks have weighed in on Haitian’s being forcibly returned while Hispanics are not, at least not to the extent required by law.  This is going to raise issues in states with heavy black voter turnout.  Black citizens are easily led and manipulated just take a look at the Duke Lacrosse Team problem.  Any disadvantaged group, (see Mexico), is on the defensive and is ultra-sensitive to criticism.  Political unity in the United States is in intensive care and not expected to recover any time soon, which leads to the conclusion that not much can get done.

The extent of the problem is reflected in the Mexican demagoguery that merely lashes out at Anglos as responsible for all the world’s difficulties; these people are natural born liberal wacko’s and will be loved by Nancy Pelosi.  The immigration crisis will most likely go the way of the gas price ruckus: no where.  The political discussion will slip further towards name calling and self-serving accusations but no positive action will be put forward because it is too dangerous politically.

The root cause of the problem is that Mexico and most Latin American countries are corrupt, or governed by dictators, or have economic policies that favor the few.  What else can the citizens, hated and disdained by their own, do about their plight?  They must come north and here they are.  From compassion we must find a way to properly deal with this situation while ignoring the rhetoric that inflames the anxious, irritates the ignorant, and does nothing to advance thinking.

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