Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Semifinal Picks

This weekend sees the semifinals of the US professional foot ball leagues. The playoffs have been well played and pretty exciting. The previous weekend saw the failure of Indianapolis to advance, a real shock as they were expected to win it all. The demise of the Patriots was not too surprising, they’re just being in the playoffs was a surprise to me.

So this  week my picks are the Steelers over Denver and the Seahawks over the Panthers. The advantage hurting the Broncos is the Steelers defense, the cold won’t bother them as they play outside in Pittsburgh.

I’m afraid the Panthers have reached the end of the line. I am hoping for an upset, but it looks like the advantage is with Seattle. The Panthers defense is pretty banged up and their running game suffered a serious loss when DeShaun Foster was injured against the Bears. I predict a fairly close game, especially if Shaun Alexander doesn’t have a great day, if he does then the Panthers will be watching the next two games on TV

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