Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Go Dan Go!

Hats off to Dan Gerstein! I highly recommend that you read his editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal, he gets it. I have been making his points for quite some time and am happy to finally see a Democrat apparatchak see the future through the haze of the “activist base”. The Democrat base reminds me of children that rant and rave when the grownups don’t let them have their way. Dan Gerstein is a former aide to Joe Lieberman, a politician with class, culture, and brain power; in short an old fashion Democrat. He I would vote for, so far no other Democrat is persuasive.

Al Gore is one the people Dan Gerstein is talking about when asks that they abandon the hate Bush platform and come up with something real. I agree. It’s a pity about Al Gore I believe the shock of not being elected has completely unhinged his mind. Al Gore is calling George Bush a criminal, a destroyer of the constitution, and everything else he can think of, he is babbling. I shudder to think what shape we would be in had Big Al been president after 9/11. I’m afraid we would offering the Arabs reparations for insulting Islam or something.

If you can find the time please read Gersteins article.