Saturday, January 21, 2006

Democrats: Allies of Bin Laden?

Bin Laden and the Democrats are they allies?  I ask this question because of the latest communiqué from the caves in Pakistan.  The loyal opposition is loud in its displeasure that the Bush administration is trying to thwart terror attacks as the opportunity to do so occurs.  Of course by revealing what has been done, in the name of protecting the constitution, they have endangered us to a greater extent.  What is the Democrat plan to protect us?  My guess is that they would take Bin Laden seriously in his offer to negotiate a truce and would happily pull our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq tomorrow if not sooner.  Nothing is going to deter Bin Laden from attacking us. It is amazing that no successful attacks have occurred in the United States since 2001.  He is in the game and is not getting out; only his death will remove him from the stage.  Even then a successor will arise, most likely from Iran or in the pay of Iran.  We are in a war for our very existence; even the French now recognize the danger.  Our Democrat party is determined to make the United States a weak and vulnerable country; a reflection of them personified.

These are the same politicians that protected the constitution by appointing justices that took away the private property rights guaranteed by that document. So whether their cooperation with Bin Laden is inadvertent or intentional it is still there.

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