Monday, January 09, 2006

Impeachment An Answer?

I see that the Democrats are starting to push very hard for the impeachment of the President. Is this their idea of winning the public over? Has our political life degenerated to the point that our elected representatives are so isolated from reality that all they can do is behave like high school sophomores? That is unkind to the high school students. What agenda are they advancing? We will have an election in 2006 and a presidential election in 2008, let the voters decide.

The grounds for impeachment appear to be the Iraq war. Well, the “prosecutors” voted for the war and have now changed their minds based on the opinion of their political base. That’s fine, their base buys them and pays for them so they should get what they paid for. Does this add credibility to their posturing? Ted Kennedy is a besotted, windbag, Joe Biden is a plagiarist, and Russ Feingold is a na├»ve demagogue, Charley Rangel, whom I used to admire, seems to have gone crazy.

The fact that the democrats are using an issue like tracking down terrorists by electronic eavesdropping shows how out of it they are. I for one want the people that are trying to kill us stopped. What the congress should be concentrating on is reducing energy dependence either through increased domestic production or new technology development, preferably both. It won’t be long before we are strangled by China and India because of their consumption of fossil fuels, then what? Most Americans are so poorly educated and unaware of their surroundings that they seem to believe whoever shouts the loudest about the latest sensational headline. Global warming, yes thank God; clearing dead wood from forests, as soon as possible please; drilling in ANWAR, should have already been done; all this and more is required to succeed as a nation. Constant partisan bickering, a venerable pastime, has gotten so bad that we are at a standstill, the cowardly Republican leadership and the infantile Democrat whiners are actually more of an enemy than any Muslim fanatic.

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