Friday, June 04, 2010

Liberals on You Tube

Most liberal posters on you tube are clearly functionally literate but seriously undereducated and ill informed. They have no obvious skill at critical thinking and take the pap fed by their leaders as gospel. They use profanity to such an extent that vocabulary is way beyond them. Their childish behavior reflects the impossibility of maturing under today's USA education system. Their weak attempts at logic, humor, even threats of violence bear a stronger relationship to video games than any real thought. Unfortunately many so called conservative posters are in the same boat. It is almost possible to judge a poster's age by the self-expression on offer.

In the times that are coming these people will be whining for the government to feed and clothe them. The will be angry and frightened.  No doubt they will be in the streets destroying other people's property. The white ones will be craven when confronted with their worst night mare: angry black folks. Today's market turmoil is nothing to what is coming. It will all be on You Tube until the power goes out forever.

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fuck you bitch said...

why the hell do u keep posting when no one gives a fuck...stop blogging u sucker!!