Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel Under Siege

The recent fight between Israel and the rest of the world is disgusting. The government of the United States now seems to be in the hands of closet jihadists. Is it possible? Bill Ayres, his wife Bernadine Dorn, and another Obama ally, Jodie Evans are in Egypt to aid in the destruction of Israel. American Jews are still asleep. They seem to be hoping that if they keep quiet they won't join their ancestors in Death Camps. They are sadly mistaken. By the end of Obama's first term the Israeli-US alliance will be in tatters. The only middle eastern nation with a truly democratic form of government will be probably be destroyed. 

The fact that President Obama is a Muslim is not germane. What is pertinent is the changing perspective of what the international interests of the United States are now. Why bother with Afghanistan? It is a loser and drains money from the US economy. The Obama administration is moving quietly away from Israel, which will turn out to be a wrong course. The Arabs and other Muslims have no love for each other and especially not for the USA. What do the domestic terrorists in the administration think they can accomplish?

It is clear from the film of the boarding of the Turkish ships that the Muslims struck first and intended to all along. The Israelis are to be faulted for not being prepared and killing more of the attackers. We must stand up against Islamic terrorists. The United Nations can be completely discounted as usual.

All thinking citizens of the USA must realize that time is short for the continuation of the republic and prepare accordingly.

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