Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What does it mean

Illegal immigrants and illegal immigration in general have a largely negative impact on life in the United States.  The benefits gained from cheap labor must be weighed against the higher crime rates, burden on social services, dilution of our culture (of liberal intellectuals don’t believe that anything can make it worse), and a general erosion of democratic values.

The crime rate in North Carolina has risen at an amazing pace.  North Carolina is the third largest recipient of immigrants, legal and illegal, violent crimes have increased the most.  It is quite normal to read or hear of Hispanic surnames in conjunction with these crimes.  While it seems that most are related to drug transactions and trafficking many are domestic quarrels, alcohol induced rage, and other acts related to those behaviors developed in a corrupt country like Mexico.

There is also the new racial tension to consider.  Hispanics and African-Americans are enemies.  They are competing for scarce social resources and for low paying low skilled jobs.  It is astounding how in so few years the complexion of certain jobs has changed. It is extremely rare to see white or African-American house painters; approximately 85% of house painters are Mexican.  This is the case in landscaping, janitorial, and even beginning to be seen in municipal jobs.  The latter has been the nearly exclusive province of African-Americans as “affirmative action” has taken hold at all levels of government.

The racial epithets tossed around are of course disgraceful, but more than that they are unexpected and disconcerting; especially to whites who have been conditioned to abstain from such use of language.  The terms nigger, spic, and worse are now bandied about without thought and apparent malicious intent.  Nearly 90% of illegals are Mexican.  The same number of other Hispanic immigrants can be traced in the rolls of legal immigrants.  This is another source of tension.  This multifaceted societal stress is exacerbated by politicians who pander, religions with false compassion, exploitative employers, and governments that refuse to enforce their own laws.

The United States of America is a wonderful place to live.  It is one of the few places on earth where one can actually develop one’s full potential; or not.  As its detractors love to point out it is not perfect.  Throughout my travels around the world I met many people wanting to come here to live and raise families.  This should be encouraged.  Recognition of America’s greatness and promise must also be made clear. Language should be forced on the immigrants; no more dual language signs, instructions, etc., should be allowed.  Assimilation is the one cure for the disaster that is now in the making.

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